Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Perfect Tattoo Designs in the Right Place

Perfect tattoo designs do not only depend on style, size and colours. It does not really matters if it is big or small, a coloured dragon or a black and white tribal tattoo design - even the most beautiful tattoo designs look bad if placed in the wrong places.

Here is a little help for you to decide where to get inked:

- First point is PAIN. Choose according to your capacity to withstand pain. Some parts of your skin are more sensitive than others. Those spots should be avoided if you are the kind of person that does not really like suffering. Your tattooist will probably inform you that neck and ankles as much as ribs are some of the most sensitive areas. Usually the areas where it hurts more are those right over bones.

Believe me; you do not want to get your first tattoo on your ribs.

Or let's say it in another way: if you are looking for an intense experience, then those could be the right spots for you to get a big and coloured tattoo design.

Of course, the more the tattoo design is complicated and coloured, the longer will be the tattoo session, the longer and intense will be the pain.

I am not trying to scare you, it always depend on your pain threshold. There really are people able to fall asleep during the session.

- Second point: How badly do you want others to see your new wonderful tattoo design? Depending on its size and shape there are a few "secret places" where you could hide a tattoo, and let only a few know about it. Have a look at where Megan Fox' "Brian" tattoo (dedicated to her great love and partner Brian Austin green) is placed.

If you want the world to admire your piece of body art, well then probably arms, hands and neck are the most visible places for tattoos - unless you are going to get a face tattoo. But then comes point three into consideration.

- Point three: Before getting a tattoo it is very important to spend some moments considering your professional position. As a matter of facts, not everyone loves tattoos. Some people could consider them vulgar, or even get scared from them. If you have (or you wish you had) a job which foresees frequent contacts with customers, you should better avoid getting tattoo designs on your hands or face. Just get them where it is possible to hide them, like arms, legs, back or shoulder. There is plenty of space on your body for tattoo designs, which won't cost you your job.

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