Friday, February 12, 2010

Best Pinup Tattoo

Pinup Tattoo
Long legs, high heels, bathing suit, and sun-shiny smile make up a beautiful pinup lady. This image of wholesome sexiness became popular among sailors during the World War II. Photographs of pinup girls were a favorite of the sailors and became part of pop culture during that time. Pinup tattoo came into vogue and sailors had them on their skin as souvenirs or just as an expression of having fun in the middle of the war.

The pinup girls are usually drawn or pictured wearing a short skirt or bathing suit posed against an anchor or in a wine glass. The classic posed pinup girl has come back in the modern age and it has undergone a few improvements to suit the times. There are versions that still look like the nice little lady but there are also newer versions that picture naughty poses.
Pinup Tattoo
The pinup ladies of the tattoo world have regained the attention of many men again because of the invention of colored tattoo inks. The old pinup drawings that used to be in black ink now pop out more beautifully in vibrant colors. The new pinup designs are bolder, stronger, and more fun to have. With these new designs, even the women are seen sporting the pinup girls on their bodies too.
Pinup Tattoo
Pinup tattoos are best inked on places on the body that are long, skinny, and rectangular - so, they are always placed on the forearm. Other parts may be the thigh or calf. With the new twists on this classic favorite for a tattoo, the new generation will definitely have some more to get confused about when thinking of their next tattoo.

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