Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tattoo Paper

Tattoo Paper
A solution is to create your own removable tattoos using temporary tattoo paper. By using tattoo paper you can print your designs on a standard Inkjet or laser printer. No expensive equipment is required and you are free to create your designs as you like and create as many different types of tattoos as you desire.

To create a tattoo you will require a standard desktop laser or Inkjet printer as well as some A4 sheets of temporary tattoo paper. The designs can be laid out in a word processor program or a graphics program. An important point to remember is that you must mirror the image horizontally as the image will be reversed once transferred onto the skin. Once you have printed your designs onto the tattoo paper you must apply a clear adhesive sheet over the top. This step can be a little tricky at first. A good tip is to place the adhesive paper on a flat surface with the sticky side up. Then take your design and place it on top. You should align one edge up with the adhesive paper first before letting it fall down onto the adhesive paper. The final step of the process is to cut out around your designs using a pair of scissors.

There are many possibilities when creating your own temporary tattoos. You might like to create a design and personalize each tattoo with a person's name or a saying. Another option is to create a number of designs for a dress up party. Using your imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless.

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