Monday, January 25, 2010

Being tattooed with the most awesome lower back butterfly tattoo

lower back butterfly tattoo
lower back butterfly tattoo
lower back butterfly tattoo

Due to the developmental existence of the butterfly, plenty of people select to have a lower back butterfly tattoo to emphasize their own personal growth. Perhaps they have begun a new chapter in their life; perhaps they need to show that they’re stronger than they were before. The butterfly symbolizes the ability to bounce back.


There is no escaping the grace of the butterfly. Its flight is graceful & its markings are attractive. It is therefore judged by most as the epitome of beauty & grace; a prime symbol of femininity.


Despite the beauty & delicate nature of the butterfly, it’s able to fly thousands of miles to warmer climates & possibly have an effect on the whole environment (the butterfly effect). Having a butterfly tattoo demonstrates your personal strength & resilience.


Deciding which lower back butterfly tattoo to be tattooed with, the options are limitless! This is overwhelming, but bear in mind that your tattoo has to be the tattoo you adore.


First up, it is a nice idea to decide whether you need to have the butterfly on its own or with some other elements.


Plenty of women select to include the picture of the butterfly because they feel it is a clearer statement of creativity. Nevertheless, you may need to think about incorporating the butterfly with a chrysalis to accentuate the developmental element of butterflies.

A few folks have come up with very intricate designs where the main butterfly is constituted by plenty of little butterflies.


In addition, you could merge the butterfly with bits of its normal living environment; plants, pollen & sunshine are all excellent inclusion that are suited to a butterfly tattoo, & which also emphasize the curvy nature & feminine nature of your lower back.

Being tattooed with a smaller version would demonstrate its elegance, but having a large butterfly will demonstrate its strength. It’s your choice, but keep in mind that you’ll have this tattoo for life (or until you have it expensively & painfully taken off by laser surgery!).

Next, you will must select on how wide you need the butterfly.

The last choice you will be necessary to make is whether the tattoo should be black. There's one schools of thought on the use of color in tattoos.


The other is that colors increase the intricacy & beauty. It is up to decide for yourself which you agree with.

The first states that colors diminish the absolute beauty of a tattoo.

Related with this is the choice of how bright you need the tattoo to be. For plenty of, feint tattoos emphasize femininity & poise.

Obviously, butterflies provide a wide choice of colors from which to select however if you would prefer to include colors that no known species has, that’s your choice & will ensure your inking is as perfect for you as possible.

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