Friday, February 17, 2012

Tribulation Tattoo

Born and raised in Israel, Liorcifer has been constantly drawing since a young age. He found his love for body arts at the age of 15. A year later, he got his first professional apprenticeship, and was tattooing by early 1995. After tattooing for 3 years in Israel, followed by 2 years tattooing in South Beach, FL., and a year in Queens NY, he received an opportunity for his second apprenticeship. This time, under his long time mentor Paul Booth. Liorcifer then went on and spent 6 and a half years at Last Rites. In 2007 he teamed up with his long time working partners Dan and Tim, and formed Tribulation Tattoo studio in NYC. When he is not tattooing at the studio, he is attending many convention in the US, and abroad, as well as doing guest spots at his friends studios around the world. Drawn to the darker nature of being, Liorcifer’s style is dark and morbid. He specializes in black and Grey Horror/macabre realistic art. In his free time, he also creates fine art works mainly in Charcoal, Pastel, Oil, and Acrylic.

Dan Marshall began tattoing in Connecticut at Papillon Tattoo 13 years ago. Since then he has worked at several prestigious studios across the country including Shahn Andersons Electric Dragonland in Minnesota and Paul Booth's Last Rites in NYC. Dan also travels the world regularly doing guest spots and working conventions including London, Milan, Tokyo and Paris. After leaving Last Rites, Dan formed Tribulation Tattoo with Liorcifer and Tim. Dan spends all his time drawing/painting when he is not tattooing and is always working to progress his art.

Tim Kern is a rotten carny . A seventh-generation twin, he was born in a state of Misery, half-cooked and with a lazy eye. Over the years he has developed a passion for human oddities, prestidigitation, and serial killers. Tim has been a tattoo artist since 1995, and works at Tribulation Tattoo in NYC. If seen, do not approach...

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