Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saul Hudson (Slash) Tattoo Styles

Saul Hudson (born July 23, 1965), better known as sections, is a guitarist known as the former guitarist of Guns N 'Roses and as the guitarist of Velvet Revolver. As a musician, artist and rock icon appears, not a permanent sections of the world that does not print a few words can be considered. His trademark is the original sound unmistakable. The catalog of songs spanning several decades, the body of work that gave us some rock songs. TV and radio professional sporting events, his music continues to be the soundtrack to life.

Not content with resting on past laurels, Slash continue to develop as a creative artist and new points of sale is still a reason for the success and vitality of his career has. Not so long ago, the legendary guitarist and songwriter concerts could appeared in the latest edition of the popular Guitar Hero video game for which he wrote and recorded a theme song for the game and guitar solo from his character. It has also licensed some of his biggest hits, including Guns N 'Roses classic "Welcome to the Jungle." Launched worldwide marketing campaign, which consists of various similarity, the game broke the previous record, selling more than $ 100 million in the first week of release. In 2007, the game is impressive $ 820,000,000 in total sales, opening the doors to whole new generation of fans.

Busy as always, your current schedule, completed several projects including the animated series, projects Internet several, clothing and jewelry line, the series is written based on his life he worked for his wife and his company, Honey Pot Entertainment and Design ground, working title, Slash and friends, the album is the special guest of cooperation.

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