Monday, March 1, 2010

Best Dragon Tattoo Picture

Dragon Tattoo Picture
Dragon Tattoo Picture

For whatever the reason, the tattoos of dragons, the fierce protectors of treasure, tend to be some of the more beautifully colored and inventive tattoo designs that one can get. My stepfather seemed to find great interest in the dragon lore. His tattoo of a dragon became an armband style - extending from under his armpit with little area between the head and the tail of the creature. Up close, one can decipher the elegant design, but, far away, the tattoo simply looks tribal in nature.

Cinema has brought a lot more tattoo lovers into the realm of the dragon. Many of these cinema events have utilized dragons as fire-breathing protectors of treasures. The movie, Dragonheart, revo9lves around a medieval time of dragons, knightly creeds, and evil kings. In order to secure a place in a dragon heaven, a dragon saves the life of a prince, who was raised by the knightly code of honor. The young man grows up, becomes king, and turns his back on the knight creed he swore to. Becoming a tyrant like his father, villagers gather, with the dragon at their side, to take down the king.
Dragon Tattoo Picture
As one would expect, there is always a twist. The dragon is the last of its kind, and must be killed in order to kill the king. (Draco, the dragon, gave the prince half of his heart, and, with it, the dragon's strength to withstand death.) The knight who raised the king has become a great friend to the dragon, and Draco orders the knight to kill him.

Perhaps, after watching that movie, I've come to realize that honor tends to play an important role in dragons of all kinds. After all, if one protects a treasure with their own lives, isn't that an honor?

Let us not forget the famous fire breathing, walking lizard-like dragon - Godzilla. How many times did he rise out of the water to save the lives of the city folk? (Which I never truly understood, since Godzilla usually took out most of the town, in an effort to "save" its people.) Several other films tend to utilize the opposite roles - that of a dragon of destruction and ill intent. In both the science fictions series Stargate SG-1 and Special Unit 2, a dragon is killed after it wreaked havoc on the series characters, and kept them from finding the treasure that the dragons guarded.

One of the cutest dragons can be seen in the Shrek Trilogy. Not only does the dragon leave a smile on the faces of children and adults alike, but the offspring of donkey and dragon puts in a few laughs and endears the characters to you. No matter which way one wishes to believe a dragon's true intent is, the best way to bring it to life on a personal scale is to get you a tattoo. The choice of how you wish to let others see a dragon is up to how you want it carved upon your skin. How real is that?

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